Welcome to Purehealer's website

Thank you for visiting my Web site. You are here because you are ready for Healing and Transformation to live your own truth and be your authentic self.

I am here to serve you as your healing guide if you choose me to help you heal yourself. Nothing happens by accident, as everything is synchronicity. As the saying goes, "When you are ready; the teacher will appear in front of you." And that teacher is your own inner wisdom guiding you to your healing path.

* * * * * * * *

I am an energy healer, a natural born energy healer. Through an intense transformation period of 10 years, I have reawakened to my gifts because I remembered who I am.

All healing is "self-healing". During a session, I can act as a facilitator in your own healing process. I have learned to follow my own intuition, guidance and inspiration.

I sense the fundamental energies that run through you and around you. There are always blockages and distortions caused by life's events and especially by our own minds. I interact with those energies and help you learn to remove blockages to your own energetic goals of awareness and self-healing.

I help you be mindful of those blockages so that you can realize your own inner power.

The healing energy that comes through will help you resolve and release patterns that block you from your own self-realization and power. Life and self-healing becomes easier.

I don't treat disease. I train awareness of our own gifts of self-healing and understanding. My goal is to do my part, one person at a time, to relieve suffering.

With love and compassion, I invite you to contact me.




"He who knows others is wise. He who knows himself is enlightened."